Project Team

Stephen F. Dougherty
SJTA, Executive Director

James G. Sullivan
SJTA, Chief of Field Operations

Stephen Mazur, PE, PP, PTOE, CME
SJTA, Chief Engineer/Director of Engineering

Daniel C Corrigan Jr., PE, CME
Deputy Chief Engineer / Deputy Director of Engineering

Regan Miller, PE
Michael Baker, Program Manager

Rebecca Lyne, PWS, CE
Michael Baker, Environmental Lead

Snehal Patel, PE, CPM
Michael Baker, Technical Advisor/Deputy Program Manager

Brian Dorr, PE
Gannett Fleming, PE Client Liaison

Marc Preim, PE
STV Incorporated, Project Manager

Kenneth Burkhardt, PE, PTOE
STV Incorporated, Deputy Project Manager

Kyle Rutherford, PE, CME
STV Incorporated, Project Engineer

Nicole Pace-Addeo, MA
Stokes Creative Group, Public Outreach Director

Darren Alfonso
Stokes Creative Group, Senior Public Outreach Specialist

Project Progress

Initial Stakeholder & Public Information Center

Initial Public Comment Period

Selection of Preliminary Preferred Alternative

Environmental Clearances

Advance Preliminary Preferred Alternative

Conduct Preliminary Engineering

Continued Public Outreach & Involvement

Finalize Design and develop Construction Documents

Secure all Environmental Permits

Advertise, Bid and Award Contracts for Construction

Continued Public Outreach & Involvement

Implement & Complete Construction

No Long-Term Detours Anticipated

Two Lanes to be Maintained Each Way

Continued Public Outreach & Involvement

*Notes current phase of project.