How to Get Involved

The South Jersey Transportation Authority (SJTA) recognize that community participation is an integral part of all stages of projects, therefore a comprehensive Public Involvement Action Plan (PIAP) has been developed for this project. The outreach program was implemented during the Concept Development (CD) Study and will continue through the Preliminary Engineering (PE) Phase and future Final Design and Construction Phases to include local officials, community stakeholders, agency representatives, and the general public in the transportation improvement process for this widening project.

Upcoming Public Meeting

The project team is working on organizing the first public meeting for the PE Phase. When meeting details are finalized, this website will be updated. To receive an email notification about the next public meeting please visit the Contact Us page of this website and sign up to receive project updates.

A virtual Public Information Center will be live Monday, March 25 and end Friday, April 5, 2024.

Please visit this website on March 25 for access to the Public Information Center.

To receive an email notification about future public meetings please visit the Contact Us page of this website and sign up to receive project updates.

Project Progress

Initial Stakeholder & Public Information Center

Initial Public Comment Period

Selection of Preliminary Preferred Alternative

Environmental Clearances

Advance Preliminary Preferred Alternative

Conduct Preliminary Engineering

Continued Public Outreach & Involvement

Finalize Design and develop Construction Documents

Secure all Environmental Permits

Advertise, Bid and Award Contracts for Construction

Continued Public Outreach & Involvement

Implement & Complete Construction

No Long-Term Detours Anticipated

Two Lanes to be Maintained Each Way

Continued Public Outreach & Involvement

*Notes current phase of project.